Sunday, June 26, 2022

BBC News forced to apologize after ticker report ‘United are rubbish’

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BBC News has issued an on-air apology to Manchester United fans after their ticker accidentally published a message calling the club “garbage”.

The ticker is the strip at the bottom of the screen that runs with current headlines. During a broadcast on Tuesday, viewers were stunned as “Manchester United are rubbish” flashed.

Presenter Annita McVeigh had to apologize to viewers.

“While we’re on the subject of football, some of you may have noticed something quite unusual on the ticker that runs with news at the bottom of the screen,” she said. “Making a comment about Manchester United and I hope Manchester United fans weren’t offended by that.

“Let me just explain what happened. Someone was training behind the scenes to learn how to use the ticker and put text in the ticker so they just wrote random things. This comment appeared so apologies if you saw this and we offended you and you are a Manchester United fan. But that was certainly a mistake and shouldn’t have appeared on screen.”

A BBC statement added: “During practice there was a technical error with our test ticker which spilled over into live programming for a few seconds.

“We apologize for any offense committed on air.”

People have responded to the bug on Twitter.

One person wrote: “Poor trainee needs to be humbled! Imagine if that was their first day…” and another added: “Even the BBC news ticker is laughing at Manchester United…”.

And a third said: “Apologies from BBC News after a trainee learned how to add text to the ticker (the headlines that run down the bottom of the screen) and accidentally posted the words ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ live on the show Has. Fair and accurate reporting, imo.”

United finished sixth in the Premier League that season and failed to win a silver in the season.

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