Thursday, December 2, 2021

Analyst rips up Kyrie, Harden says Durant is “betrayed”

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While the Brooklyn Nets are sitting with a win record so far this season, there are still many issues that need to be addressed in order for the team to have any hope of lifting the NBA championship trophy.

That’s what head coach Steve Nash said after losing to the Golden State Warriors. The Nets have had trouble beating the top teams in the league, which will prove to be a problem across the board if they fail to clean up their action.

Of course, some of their problems early in the season stem from having to adjust on the fly after the absence of point guard Kyrie Irving. He’s sitting out the season due to his hesitant vaccination and that has created a lot of question marks for the Nets.

James Harden has also got off to a slow start this season, which was not to be expected when he moved to the position of point guard instead of Irving.

Because of all this early turmoil, ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith blew up both Harden and Irving, and even said Kevin Durant made the wrong decision to come to Brooklyn.

Smith is known as one of Irving’s greatest critics, and it is well known that he is not a fan of the Star Guard putting the season off.

In all of this, he feels nothing but pity for Kevin Durant, who joined the Nets with Irving and, much to Smith’s chagrin, disdained the Knicks.

“Kevin Durant, I’m sad for you, brother.” he begins. “You are all alone. You have no help. More importantly, you made the wrong decision by going to Brooklyn. “

Through the roughly three-minute clip from the Wednesday episode of First Take, Smith pursues both Harden and Irving in ways he has never done before.

“You have a guy in James Harden, not the first year, that’s the second year in a row. Insane love for James Harden. You have to pull yourself together, brother. You’re not James Harden right now. “

Harden struggled to start the season some and had tremendous struggles reaching the free throw line, which has not been the case in his career so far.

“You’re a superstar and you don’t look like that,” said Smith. “It’s that simple, you have to bring it together. [Kevin Durant] you are making the wrong decision, brother. “

Smith believes Irving betrayed Durant by not playing this season and he hasn’t minced his mouth.

“Kyrie Irving betrayed you,” he said. “She betrayed you, let you down.”

Smith goes on by saying that he hopes Irving will be fired from the networks because of the whole situation.

“I actually hope Kyrie Irving gets cut,” he says. “I mean, that’s a shame. Sitting up there and watching this team look like trash last night … every decent team you go up against makes your butts grow, and why? Because KD has no help. “

The Nets still have plenty of time to get the ship back in order but if they don’t figure out how to beat the good teams it will be a long season. Right now, it looks like Durant is a one man wrecking crew out there, and he might even be the MVP front runner. It is clear, however, that at some point he will need help.

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“Kyrie Irving betrayed you,” he said. “She betrayed you, let you down.”

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