Monday, October 3, 2022

Amon-Ra St. Brown’s massive game makes impressive NFL history

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The Detroit Lions have a rising star in wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, and he proved it with a great Week 2 performance.

St. Brown has made a name for himself with Lions fans, and the entire NFL is paying attention now, especially after his big game against the Washington Commanders.

With fourth-quarter success, St. Brown made NFL history as one of only three players in league history to catch eight passes in eight straight games. The players he joins? As AP’s Larry Lage tweeted, it’s been a who’s who of wideouts lately.

“Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, along with Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas, are the three players in NFL history to catch at least eight passes in eight straight games, location tweeted.

St. Brown came in Week 1 with a chance to make a mark, but he had to wait until Week 2 to complete it. Now that the seal has been broken, St. Brown can clearly be the kind of talented player to push forward within the NFL.

Early in the first half, Amon-Ra St. Brown emerged and made a big play for Detroit’s offense, catching a pass to get the team going and put the Lions in the end zone.

Here’s a look at the play:

It wasn’t just that game for St. Brown, however. Later in the fourth quarter, he caught a touchdown to put Detroit’s lead a little further.

In addition to these plays, St. Brown easily blasted for a 58-yard run which was also very impressive.

Overall, this was a definite coming out party for St. Brown to become an NFL star.

A lot of people wondered if St. Brown could be a true top wideout or if he’s just a player capable of doing good things on the field but nowhere near the level of a top threat.

Well, that question should be asked and answered with a performance like this. While he’s not exactly the biggest threat on the roster, he finds a path open and is skilled enough to affect the game in a variety of ways, including the run. It works mostly in the slot and is much better underneath, but can still pull off the kind of stats that help it look production-wise like a true top wide receiver.

As the Lions have shown, they can still target St. Brown a lot on offense, which could give him plenty of chances to make big plays for the team. He could continue to show in a big way, making him an elite option on the field, which many see him doing in Detroit this year.

It’s easy to see St. Brown becoming a star player, and when that happens, this game could be the wide receiver’s biggest launchpad, why. Now he has some NFL history to his credit.

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