Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Amari Cooper teases bold predictions for cowboys

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Star receiver Amari Cooper has a lot of faith in the Dallas Cowboys this season. So much so that Cooper has no problem talking about the team’s Super Bowl chances for the first five weeks of the season.

“I see it this way, it’s not about the opponent we’re playing,” Cooper told reporters after the Cowboys beat the Giants. “It’s about our standard, about the fact that we are the best we can be. Because our mindset is geared towards a championship in order to be a championship [team] You want to be clean as an insult. Our goal should be to score points on every drive. You score on every drive, how can you lose?

“Well, if we don’t get there, I get a little worried because when you play a role like that, you just think of a Super Bowl, you know. It’s just the reality and you start to want it more and more the closer you get And you should care more about the little things, like if we could stop this ride, I guess what if that happened later, and see that I would see it that way. But yeah, I think we just have to play a little cleaner and I think that’s the only reason I’m talking like that because I really think we could. “

Cooper suffered multiple injuries earlier this season, including an optimized hamstring. The receiver also injured his ankle against the Giants but showed no signs of being missing in the recent injury. Cooper grabbed three receptions for 60 yards and a touchdown in the team’s win against rival NFC East.

The Cowboys were able to overcome a slow start to the game to move to a 24-point win over the Giants. Cooper doesn’t see this as a sign of strength as the recipient expressed frustration that the Cowboys offensive didn’t play a full game. The Cowboys Wideout labeled this reality “not good” when trying to win a championship this season.

“That’s not a good thing,” Cooper said of the turn of the cowboys. “It’s not good, it’s not good. We don’t have to have these flaws. We played a good team, but it’s not about who we play against. It’s about us and our standards and where we try to be where we try to go. For me, it’s all about perfection, that’s the goal of perfection. Of course you will never be perfect, but we have to be cleaner. “

Cooper isn’t the only one talking about the team’s Super Bowl aspirations, as both Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy spoke about the Cowboys’ goal during training camp. During HBO’s Hard Knocks, McCarthy stated during a team briefing that “everything we do is to win the world championship, period.”

“You saw the schedule, 207 days to the Super Bowl.” McCarthy explains. “Everything we do is about winning the World Cup, period. That’s all that matters, and if you hold up this trophy I’ll tell you in a moment, it’s heavier than you think. But if you hold it up, there is nothing else in this business. “

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