Tuesday, October 26, 2021

According to reports, Ben Simmons is so tired of the Philadelphia 76ers that he would welcome a trade in the NBA’s most dysfunctional organization

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The Philadelphia 76ers opened their training camp on September 28, the day after the hot topic at media day was the only player absent. Former all-star point guard Ben Simmons holds out. He and his camp have not relented in sending the message that the 2020-21 defensive player runner-up will not be wearing the red, white and blue (and occasionally black) uniforms of the 76ers again.

Ben Simmons is so fed up with the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to a recent report, his desire to get out of the town of Brotherly Love in his rearview mirror is so great that he would even welcome a deal in the franchise with one of the two longest playoff droughts in NBA history. We are far from the reports “Ben Simmons wants one of three teams in California”.


According to reports, Ben Simmons has been in a spark since the abrupt end of the playoffs for the top-seeded 76ers. Simmons took on a lot of guilt after Philadelphia upset at home in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. He was hideous on the foul line during the playoffs. He hit a particularly low water mark against the Atlanta Hawks at 33.3%. Let’s face it: 15-for-45 is a lousy 3-point line of fire to scream out loud.


Notoriously, Simmons skipped a wide-open dunk in the fourth quarter of Game 7 and ended the series with zero shot attempts in Games 3 through 7. Coach Doc Rivers and superstar Joel Embiid were lukewarm at best in defending the Australian star.


On media day, basketball company president Daryl Morey launched a monologue on how Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers settled their differences. Simmons and his warehouse weren’t buying what Elvis Presley was selling to basketball analytics.


If Simmons doesn’t return and shoot Curry like Stephen, his commercial value is better than ever. He has played four seasons; we know what he is. Simmons is a defensive scholar as well as a great playmaker and penetrator. But he only scares his teammates and fans with his perimeter shooting.


In early September, reports said Ben Simmons had listed three favorite travel destinations, all in California. The Golden State (the state, not the Warriors) has four franchises, which makes it easy to adopt. The Sacramento Kings were the most likely candidate to be removed from the list.


But according to The Athletic’s David Aldridge, a deal with Sactown could be on the table. Aldridge claims the Kings Simmons can make a better deal than the other potential competitors (the Indiana Pacers and the Minnesota Timberwolves). But he also reported that Sacramento isn’t off-limits to the star:


“I’ve written this before about Simmons to Sac, and the reasoning still applies. Simmons is an elite defender. He is an elitist passerby. He has four years left for his deal. (He would have no problem going to Sacramento, I was told, so strong is his desire to leave Philadelphia.)


“The Kings were historically bad on the defensive last season. Simmons wouldn’t be a savior, but with him and (De’Aaron) Fox and whatever was being held by (Tyrese) Halliburton and (Davion) ​​Mitchell the Kings in that scenario, Sac would suddenly become a problem defensively, wildly switchable , and able to go from defense to offense in a heartbeat. ”


The assumption is that the sweetly shooting and defenseless wing Buddy Hield would be involved in a possible Simmons deal. As Aldridge pointed out, the Kings wouldn’t shoot as well without Hield, but with him they were 10 games under .500. It would be hard to get any worse.


Monte McNair took over the personnel decisions for the Sacramento Kings in September 2020. Over five years Vlade Divac brought nothing but more playoff-free seasons. Last season was the 15th consecutive year the Kings missed the postseason. That matched the terrible punchline of the Buffalo Braves / San Diego Clippers / Los Angeles Clippers from 1977-91.


Ben Simmons is not a gamer the Kings even get to meet during the free agency. The acquisition of Simmons would put the Kings in the battle for a playoff spot. He also has a four-year contract. A team could not get a long-term commitment from a star player in the free agency without Bird rights.


Well worth it for McNair and the Sacramento Kings. Ben Simmons would make them competitive. And it’s all worth it not to be a bigger joke in NBA history than the pre-praised City Clippers.


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