Tuesday, November 29, 2022

49ers Twitter showers Kyle Shanahan with praise for his week 11 dominance

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All is well in the San Francisco 49ers Twittersphere regarding Kyle Shanahan.

The 49ers, who painted Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca with a sea of ​​49er jerseys and apparel, overwhelmed the Arizona Cardinals 38-10 on Monday, November 21.

San Francisco clearly wouldn’t have poured on the 38 if it weren’t for some rare decisions by the head coach in the sixth year. Shanahan has often been criticized by fans and the media for some of his in-game decisions – often seen as predictable by some and boring by others.

But 49ers Twitter was a very different story to Shanahan.

At one point in the game, Shanahan did the unthinkable in front of 49ers fans attending the game or watching on TV: He walked off the run for nearly 10 straight games.

That’s correct. He trusted Jimmy Garoppolo and his arm… and trusted him with pouring rain and a slick football, as witnessed by The Athletic’s David Lombardi.

And among the nine passing games, Shanahan called? Garoppolo’s first touchdown shot of the night against Brandon Aiyuk:

And this rumbling connection to George Kittle to extend the lead to 14-3:

But that sequence of passing to set up the run eventually led to Shanahan naming this soul-sucking piece designed for Deebo Samuel:

One of the reasons this Samuel gallop was so effective? Shanahan clearly noticed the Cardinals starting to play their two safes further back. These back-to-back passing sequences clearly got map defense coordinator Vance Joseph to adjust to the pass and play the back end of his defense deeper. But that only opened the door for a misdirected run like Samuel’s touchdown.

“Watch the run. Deebo groundbreaking TD. Welcome to the identity of the 49ers of 2022,” Have Lombardi.

Additionally, Lombardi revealed how Shanahan’s play-calling was reminiscent of an iconic coach name in 49ers and NFL lore.

“Bill Walsh made passing to build the barrel famous. Kyle Shanahan has used it at some good times this season and STRONGLY tonight, and we’re seeing the 49ers’ immense offensive potential starting to be realized as a result. Have Lombardi.

Praise for “Shanny” extended to other analysts, including those covering the 49ers.

“Kyle Shanahan is stuck in his BAAAAAG right now. What a play by Deebo Samuel” posted Akash Anavarathan from Niners Nation to SB Nation.

All 49ers’ Nick Newman on Fan Nation/Sports Illustrated gushed as Shanahan passed a man who helped sweep the 49ers off Kliff Kingsbury last year.

NFL Network’s Michael F. Florio chimed in, saying that Shanahan now has the staff to play this attacking style:

Even Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, who had his bitter battles with the 49ers in the 1990s and provided color commentary for the Monday Night Football broadcast, raved about Shanahan’s play-calling.

“If I could hire anyone I wanted, Kyle Shanahan would be that guy,” Aikman said at the Sports Center with Scott Van Pelt after the game.

The 49ers took the wind out of the cards at a location known for sitting more than 7,300 feet above sea level.

And in doing so, Shanahan’s call sheet helped lead to the following new brands:

Garoppolo has received a rare award: Not only did Garoppolo go for 228 yards 20-of-29, but Jimmy G threw four touchdown passes for the first time since the epic street shootout on December 8, 2019 with the New Orleans Saints.

Kittle more involved: There were questions about Kittle’s engagement ahead of the MNF game — with a noticeable lack of touches in the air attack as he entered the card game with four combined catches in the last two games against the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. But in Week 11, Kittle caught four passes for 84 yards and delivered his first two touchdown games this season.

The passing rusher reignited: Elijah Mitchell didn’t get a chance to touch the football until the 2:16 mark of the second quarter. But he went on to average 6.6 yards per carry — the third time in his young career that he averaged more than six yards in a game.

Former “Doghouse” member hit career first: Aiyuk is far from being in Shanahan’s kennel. While he only caught two passes, both were touchdowns. And for the first time in his career, he has had a season that included multiple touchdown games (two goals in the Oct. 16 away loss to the Atlanta Falcons).

All 49ers’ Nick Newman on Fan Nation/Sports Illustrated gushed as Shanahan passed a man who helped sweep the 49ers off Kliff Kingsbury last year.

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