Monday, November 28, 2022

2-time NFL MVP volunteer mentoring Jets QB Zach Wilson amid struggles

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The New York Jets benched Zach Wilson, the former No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

This was officially announced by head coach Robert Saleh the decision during his press conference on Wednesday 23 November with the media. In his place, Mike White will take over the QB1 role, with veteran Joe Flacco stepping in as his backup against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Despite the demotion, Saleh said this is simply a “reset” for the sophomore and the plan is to get him back on the field at some point during the 2022 season.

With Wilson set to be a healthy scrape for the first time in his NFL career, he now has to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

The Jets organization hopes this time can help Wilson reconnect to basics. Saleh thought it would be unfair for Wilson to work on those issues while preparing for an NFL opponent.

Someone who could help him reorient himself and get back on track is someone who has been in his shoes before.

That ran the NY Jets Situation Report on Twitter public to Turn to former 12-year-old NFL quarterback Kurt Warner for professional help.

“Bring Warner on as quarterback coach and offensive assistant. This man put on the greatest show on grass. Has a high IQ. And teaches concepts on his YouTube channel that really seem to simplify the offensive scheme. Maybe Zach needs a voice to help him slow down the game.”

With the power of the internet, not only did Warner see this public appeal, he did answered to that:

“I’m easy to find!”

Everyone knows Kurt Warner’s awards.

A two-time NFL MVP. Super Bowl Champion. Four-time professional bowler.

What people may not know is that Warner fell on his face on his first try in the NFL. He was not drafted in 1994 and received an invitation to try his hand at the Green Bay Packers.

After failing to impress in the big leagues, the former Northern Iowa product landed a job as a shelf stocker at a local grocery store. Warner later got a chance in the Indoor Football League and went through some more trials and tribulations.

Eventually, he would get another hit on the pinata with the then-St. Louis Rams, and of course the rest is history.

Even Saleh expressly referenced Warner’s incredible comeback story is a source of inspiration for Wilson as he enters this difficult chapter in his career.

Warner would be the perfect person to advise Wilson and help him get his career back on track. Saleh insisted that Wilson’s demotion is not the “nail in his coffin” or the end of his Jets career.

However, if Wilson can’t take that time seriously, it could mean the end of his days as a starting New York quarterback.

Warner knows what it takes to not only be a professional quarterback, but a good one. Wilson is obviously talented, but he’s strayed from the fundamental fundamentals that allow quarterbacks to hit targets accurately and consistently.

If you watch his film, it looks like Wilson has seen too many YouTube highlights of Patrick Mahomes throwing off his hind leg and he’s trying to mimic it. There’s only one Mahomes and Wilson who can’t get lazy with these mechanics or they’ll never be able to achieve the consistency required to be an NFL-level starter.

The Jets still believe in him and think he can reach that ceiling, but it will take him some time to marinate behind the scenes. Perhaps Warner can be a mentor who can help accelerate this learning process.

Even Saleh expressly referenced Warner’s incredible comeback story is a source of inspiration for Wilson as he enters this difficult chapter in his career.

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