Wednesday, October 27, 2021

2 Rams WRs played unforgettable games against the Giants

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DeSean Jackson and Robert Woods of the Los Angeles Rams have played 165 and 121 NFL games, respectively. The wide receivers also scored 90 touchdowns.

But the New York Giants and their fans will likely remember two touchdowns they delivered … or rather forgot.

Both Ram Targets return to the place where they delivered two personal highlights that were revered in NFL lore and are likely to be a tiresome subject for the G-Men to this day.

Here is a trip back in time.

The date: December 19, 2010.

The game was tied 31-31 with less than 1:30 in the game. However, the Philadelphia Eagles trailed 31-10 once before charging back. However, all the signs indicated that this game would go into overtime this late in the game.

The Giants decided to hit the ball away. Then the story followed.

Never before has a punt return become the final decisive TD in an NFL game. This particular piece started out as a disaster for “D-Jax”.

Jackson, then a young 23-year-old, briefly lost control of the punt before catching up with him again. Then he returned to his own 30-yard line, with two Giant specialteamers approaching him and two blockers close by. Sixty-five yards separated Jackson from the end zone.

But no knee was taken. Neither a run to the sideline to allow the Eagle attack another shot to win the game. “D-Jax” probably performed the most exciting punt return of all time.

Jackson whizzed past the first scuba gear. His speed left six Giants behind the 35-yard line. Another attempt to dive with Jackson failed. The suitor didn’t manage to trip him either.

“Are you kidding?!” Fox Sports play-by-play man Joe Buck burst through the broadcast headset.

Jackson scored a goal on the rare walk-off punt return.

Not only is it a piece that lives forever in Jackson’s career and Eagles’ lore, but it even received a “Holy S-” response from notable Philadelphia native and NBA legend, Kobe Bryant.

It was such a strenuous play that even Jackson had to collect himself and tell reporters, “I just need a few minutes” right after the game.

It became known as “The Miracle at the Meadowlands”. Seven years later, “Bobby Trees” delivered its Meadowlands moment.

The date: November 5, 2017.

Former Rams QB Jared Goff shredded the Giants with 311 yards and four touchdown passes. But it was a Goff-Woods connection in the second quarter that really tore the backbone of the Giants defense.

It was 3rd and 33rd. In the second quarter it was less than 9:40 and the Rams were sitting on their own 48. In this scenario, most violations are content with either a simple game to get out of this predicament and the punt- Send the team out, or roll the dice and try to make a field goal out of it.

LA opted for a simple bubble umbrella for Woods. But the rest was history.

Woods, with two blockers in front of him, cut right and found more properties. With five Giants behind him and two to his right, Woods still chose to trust his speed and instinct.

The final result? It took the Rams 33 yards to make their first down and came into the end zone to win 17-7.

The route was after when the Rams crossed to the easy 51-17 romp.

“D-Jax” and “Bobby Trees” are now 63 years old together.

However, both go to the MetLife Stadium with verve on their side. Jackson caught a 68 yard bomb in his last game against Seattle on Thursday, October 7th and two weeks earlier, the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers lit up on a 75 yard bomb. Woods turned the Seahawks upside down with a season best 12 catches for 150 yards.

Jackson isn’t expected to set up punts, so that’s good news for NYG’s specialty teams. However, the Giants enter this game on the league’s 22nd pass defense.

Don’t be shocked if there’s another Meadowlands moment from one or the other ram.

It became known as “The Miracle at the Meadowlands”. Seven years later, “Bobby Trees” delivered its Meadowlands moment.

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