Saturday, June 25, 2022

Young army officer chokes on his own vomit during heinous ‘initiation ritual’

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The heartbroken father of Matias Ezequiel Chirino, 22, says his son died after being forced to drink alcohol and throw himself into a pool at night in the cold

Army chiefs have suspended 11 officers after a young officer choked on his own vomit during a harassment ritual.

2nd Lt. Matias Ezequiel Chirino – from Rio Cuarto, Córdoba Province, Argentina – died after the inauguration ceremony in his new regiment.

Officials say the 22-year-old choked to death early Sunday.

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An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be bronchial aspiration caused by the consumption of large amounts of alcohol and food.

Grieving father Ezequiel Chirino claims his son was forced to drink alcohol and throw himself into a pool at night in the cold, among other things.

Matias was one of three soldiers enlisted in the No. 3 Artillery Group of the Paso de los Libres, Corrientes Province.

The other two to be privy are among the 11 officers who have been suspended.

Ezequiel pointed his finger at two officials in particular.

“He was killed without a doubt. It wasn’t an accident,” said Matias’ father.

He called the incident “an abuse of office” and said those responsible “need to go to jail.”

Ezequiel had taken his son to the army unit’s induction ceremony and was staying at a hotel in Paso de los Libres when he received a call with the devastating news.

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He said: “At eight in the morning the head of the department calls me and says, ‘Am I talking to Matias Chirino’s father?’ Come and get him because he’s dead. With this cold.”

Matias had graduated from El Palomar Military College after four years of study and joined the regiment at Paso de los Libres to complete his military officer training.

The Paso de los Libres federal court is investigating the case and the army says it is cooperating with the investigation.


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