Sunday, June 26, 2022

World’s deadliest fathers from horror “apocalypse” kills to snake DNA conspiracy

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We examined five cases in which fathers have taken their own children’s lives — their deranged excuses ranging from believing their children are monsters to trying to save them from the apocalypse

Fathers are given one of the most important roles in the world to protect their children and provide for their families – but these children tragically lost their lives after being killed by their own flesh and blood.

While many parents celebrate Father’s Day with loved ones, others will spend the day behind bars after brutally abusing their position as carers.

Sergei Bugorkov, 28, made headlines this week after beating his stepson Vova Pashchenko to death and then convincing his mother to fake a horrific disappearance in Russia.

But this case is unfortunately one of many, with other murders being committed by parents around the world.

Below, the Latest Page News has taken a look at five horrifying cases that have shocked the world.

An angry husband is said to have tied his young son’s feet to his stroller and pushed him into the sea because his wife went to the party without him.

Wael Nabil Salman Zureikat, 52, was traveling to Pattaya, Thailand with his partner and became furious when she left him to babysit.

The Jordanian tourist reportedly “decided to kill his one-year-old” by tipping the stroller off a pier while on vacation in 2019.

Locals were shocked after spotting the baby floating in the sea, initially thinking it was a ‘doll’.

Speedboat captain Songsee Sunthornchai said: “I was taking tourists to an island and on the way back I noticed a body floating in the water.

“I saw it from a distance and thought it was a doll, but when I got closer I saw it was the body of a child and called the police.”

When the body was recovered, it was still strapped to the stroller, reports The Sun.

Police Lt-Col Piyapong Ensarn confirmed that the father had confessed to the evil crime and Zureikat was arrested at an airport while trying to flee the country.

Anthony Todt, 46, had brutally killed his wife, three children and the family dog ​​because he believed he was trying to save them from an apocalypse.

Police officers stormed into their two-story Florida home and found the father had been living with their badly decomposed bodies for over a week on January 13, 2020.

Authorities identified the bodies as belonging to Meghan Todt, 42, her sons Alek, 13, and Tyler, 11, daughter Zoe, 4, and their dog, Breezy.

It was reported that Todt rolled on Zoe until she choked and reportedly stabbed Alek, who was sleeping.

He was accused of choking and stabbing Tyler, and his wife was also found with stab wounds.

Their bodies were discovered wrapped in blankets and their autopsies later revealed toxic levels of Benadryl in their systems.

It was reported that the father was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of animal cruelty.

However, he pleaded not guilty to the mass murder and later told police his wife agreed to kill the children with him.

“Everyone had to die to get to the other side together because the apocalypse was coming,” the jury was told.

Authorities believe they were killed towards the end of December and said he later told police officers he was not at home when the killings took place.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, 40, has been accused of killing his two children, Kaleo, 2, and Roxy, 10 months, because “he believed his kids would grow into monsters, so he had to kill them”.

The California surf school owner confessed to taking his children to Rosarito, Mexico, and shooting them in the chest with a spearfishing gun.

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