Sunday, October 17, 2021

Woman comparing herself to Holocaust victim would “rather inject heroin than vaccine”

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The mother of three quit social media after comparing Anti-Vaxxer to the Jewish victims of the Nazi regime, but she has quickly returned with yet another series of outrageous posts

A notorious anti-Vaxxer who compared herself to Holocaust victims has come under fire again after claiming she would rather inject heroin than get the coronavirus vaccine.

Australian Sarah Mills shut down her social media accounts earlier this week after being heavily criticized for posting photos of her family that caused widespread revulsion within the Jewish community and the general public.

One photo showed their three children wearing fake Stars of David, replacing the word “Jude” with “No vax”, reports

But her silence on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok didn’t last long, and yesterday she popped up online again, this time posting a picture of her getting botox with the caption: “OMG, she injects botox and fillers into her Face it but won’t get that [syringe emoji]. Yes – I’d rather have a dirty batch of H. splash [heroin] before I lined up for your smacking gloss. “

Mills also started using her children as props again. This time they are holding signs that read “F *** Your Mandates!”

The New South Wales woman has more than 100,000 followers on social media, but she has been criticized for trying to link the Australian government’s fight against the coronavirus to the genocide that killed millions of Jews by the Nazis before and during World War II.

In another picture posted on Monday, she was wearing striped pajamas, similar to those used by inmates in Nazi extermination camps, with the caption: “Prisoner 385968 reports for duty.”

She has attempted to portray herself as a victim, claiming she was “relentlessly bullied online” for her views while celebs and other influencers ran a hate campaign against her, but she has now thanked those who “love her.” Support ”. .

“This connects me with the people I’m supposed to align and connect with, so I’m very, very grateful for that,” she wrote on her return to social media on Wednesday.

“As many of you know who is in this community, censorship is real and it can feel hard to feel supported during this time when you often feel alone.

“We’re not alone in this. It’s amazing to connect with like-minded souls, so I’m so grateful for that, I’m so grateful.”

In response to Mills’ incendiary comments, Dr. Dvir Abramovich from the Anti-Defamation Commission said the pictures were “more than ugly and offensive”.

He added: “While Sarah Mills is certainly entitled to express her strong views on the actions of state governments in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is more than outrageous to compare them to the monstrous laws of Hitler’s Third Reich.

“Nothing in Australia equals or even comes close to the indescribable atrocities of Hitler on an industrial scale.”

If you have a vaccine, you are less likely to contract Covid-19 and pass it on to others. People who are vaccinated and infected with the virus are less likely to get sick, hospitalized, or die less than those who did not receive the vaccine.

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