Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Woman appalled after nearly 90 poisonous rattlesnakes were found under her home

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The U.S. woman called a rescue team to remove the creatures from under her California home, but was stunned to find 59 babies and 22 adult snakes under her home

A California woman had a bigger snake problem than she thought after rescuers removed nearly 90 rattlesnakes from her home.

The snakes were reportedly tangled under the property and needed help with the rescue.

What was originally mistaken for a couple grew into 59 babies and 22 adult snakes that lived under the house.

Sonoma County Reptile Rescue was called and spent nearly four hours removing the snakes, and there could be more.

The rescue posted on Facebook, “I got a call from someone who said they had queues under their house 3 hours and 45 minutes later That’s what I got out of, what would you do?”

They later added, “59 babies and 22 adults are the final count and yes, I’ll check again before the 15th of this month.”

According to HuffPost, Rescue Director Alan Wolf returned to the property a week later to find seven more snakes.

Wolf told them that snakes often come and go, so he returned to look for any remaining stragglers.

The snakes have been identified as Pacific rattlesnakes known to give birth to four to 21 babies from August through October, according to the Burke Museum in Seattle.

It is said that female Pacific rattlesnakes gather in a cave to give birth, which in this case is believed to be owned by the woman.

The rescue’s post on Facebook about the situation sparked a series of comments calling it a “snake animal” and some asking why they needed to be removed.

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One user wrote: “If they don’t bother humans in general, is it really necessary to remove them?

“As a child, I ran 160 acres of land every day and my father didn’t want to get me boots. So I only wore tennis shoes. I’ve never had a problem with snakes. “

Another said: “The house would be on the market immediately and I would move out immediately! The very thought of it scares me.”

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