Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wildlife Photographer 2021 – These are the best wildlife photos of the year

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Spectacular images from nature: the renowned “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition has announced the winners. The French Laurent Ballesta won with an underwater scene.

With a spectacular underwater photo of groupers spawning, Frenchman Laurent Ballesta has been named Wildlife Photographer of the year 2021. The biologist held the fish in a milky cloud of eggs and sperm in front of the Pacific atoll of Fakarava. The photo “Creation” was selected from more than 50,000 submissions from 95 countries, as the Natural History Museum in London announced on Tuesday evening.

“The picture works on so many levels,” said jury chief Rosamund Kidman Cox. “It is surprising, energetic and fascinating, and has an unearthly beauty.” The photo captures a magical moment, a truly explosive creation in life. With a view to the current World Conservation Conference in Kunming and the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow, Museum Director Doug Gurr emphasized that “Creation” is “a convincing reminder of what we will lose if we do not address the impact of humanity on our planet”.

Ballesta and his team had traveled to the Fakarava lagoon every year for five years and were underwater there day and night. The groupers only spawn there around the full moon in July.

Ten-year-old Vidyun R Hebbar can call himself Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His award-winning photo shows a spider and its tent-like web, a tuk-tuk drives past in the background. The boy from India took part in the competition at the age of eight and likes to photograph living things in the streets and parks of his hometown Bangalore.

The best pictures will be on view at the Natural History Museum from this Friday (October 15) until June 2022. After that, they will also be issued in other countries, including Germany. You can see some of the pictures in our slideshow above or here.

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