Monday, October 25, 2021

Wife fakes her own bloody murder after police warned her husband hired a £ 13,000 killer

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When the police discovered Alexander Krasavin’s plan to have his ex-wife murdered, they developed their own conspiracy that included Hollywood-style special effects to catch him

A taxi driver took out a bank loan to pay a hit man to kill his ex-wife so he could save money on alimony, according to a police report.

Alexander Krasavin, 54, was arrested after police orchestrated the murder of his ex-wife and sent him photos from the “crime scene”.

After seeing the pictures of the ‘dead woman’ and receiving an agreed text message ‘You have a dentist appointment’, he paid the remainder of the agreed fee to the work colleague he had hired as an assassin – the moment the officers moved in , stopped his car and handcuffs and held him tight.

Krasavin’s ex-wife Nina, 46, had been taken to make-up specialists in the film industry so it looked like her throat had been cut.

She later said that she was shocked and stunned by his behavior and that even though they were divorced, she thought they were on good terms to raise their nine-year-old daughter.

“I can’t believe it’s all possible – I still had feelings for him,” she admitted.

“And I’m not afraid that I might be dead, but I’m afraid that he planned all of this … he saw my photo look dead – and he accepted it?

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What about our daughter? “She added,” How could he live with the guilt?

Krasavin worked as a bus technician and part-time as a taxi driver in St. Petersburg.

Police say he asked a colleague to kill his ex-wife and the man initially thought it was a joke.

When Krasavin kept asking him, he went to the police and a scheme was forged to fake the murder in order to lure him into a trap.

The ex-husband took out a bank loan of £ 15,000 and paid his colleague £ 3,000 in preparation for the murder.

He kept another £ 2,000 to himself.

On record, Krasavin said he would work as a taxi driver on the day selected for the killing – Monday of that week – to establish an alibi.

Nina said the police arrived at her home unannounced and took her to a make-up artist at a film studio.

She couldn’t believe what she was being told.

“I spent the whole day in the criminal investigation department thinking it was a joke,” she said.

The operation was so secret that Nina had no contact with her children, including two from their previous relationship, and she was reported missing to the police – who began a search.

“I just didn’t believe in reality,” she said.

“I still want to look at Alexander and ask if this is all true?”

She blamed herself for the broken relationship with her older children from a previous marriage, she told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

She denied his claims that there were problems hanging out with her daughter after the split.

Nina says that she and Krasavin fell in love at first sight and that they “had it all” at first, but he went on to “ruin it all”.

“As a woman, I feel sorry for him that he didn’t have a long-term relationship,” she said, “and I’m responsible for that. I think it’s my fault, too, that he ordered the murder.

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