Monday, June 27, 2022

White supremacist killer posted sick plans online days before supermarket massacre

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Locals have criticized Google for posting the sickening manifesto of white supremacist supermarket killer Payton Gendron, which was published almost two days before 10 people were killed

White supremacist supermarket killer Payton Gendron had posted his twisted killing plans online 41 hours before his massacre, it has been reported.

Internet giants like Google have been accused of failing to act, although Gendron posted a murderous manifesto online and visited the store, which he later targeted in a shootout that left 10 dead.

The teenager is said to have entered Top’s Supermarket in New York disguised as a homeless man to carry out a “reconnaissance” mission, manager Shonnell Teague said.

Buffalo, New York residents are increasingly angered by the failings of big tech companies, and some say they have the “blood of our community” on their hands for not acting.

They have also accused the companies of “doing little or nothing” to prevent the spread of hate on their servers, the same hate that allowed Gendron to be indoctrinated into the far right.

Gendron reportedly published his plans online, with a sickening 180-page manifesto urging whites to rise up and start a race war at 8:55 p.m. Thursday (May 12).

The manifesto also called for the assassination of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Gendron live-streamed his sickening attack on black residents after driving 200 miles to Buffalo from his home in Conklin, New York.

The disgusting manifesto, dubbed the “Great Replacement Theory,” included not only details of the store’s location, but also the route and street names, as well as the zip code and a map of the store’s interior.

Jerome Davey, 37, says local residents “deserve answers from Google” as to why such a document was allowed to be posted online, The Mirror reported.

Mr Davey continued: “For 40 hours this killer’s plot was up for all to see on a server but no one at the media giants picked it up, let alone the police. Companies like Google have the blood of our community on their hands.”

Google was contacted for a comment.

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