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Weirdest Assassination Plans While Putin Survives – Bin Laden’s Vaccine Umbrella Plan

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As Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine hits the three-month mark, there have been rumors of a series of assassination attempts on Vladimir Putin

As Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine hits the three-month mark, there have been rumors of a series of assassination attempts on Vladimir Putin.

According to Ukraine’s chief spy, the major attempt was made about two months ago.

The nation’s intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, claimed the tyrant was targeted in an “unsuccessful attempt” on his life.

He told Ukraine’s Pravda: “Putin was assassinated…

“He was attacked not so long ago even in the line of representatives of the Caucasus, as they say.

“This is non-public information. Totally unsuccessful attempt but it really happened… It was about 2 months ago.”

“Once again he was unsuccessful. There is no publicity for this event, but it happened.”

However, the ploy to kill the Kremlin leader is not the first time we have seen failure.

Some tales of botched assassination attempts – and even successful ones – are almost too strange to believe…

Osama bin Laden was killed during Operation Desert Storm, but when the famous US operation was launched, a different tactic was used to try to take down the al Qaeda leader.

The CIA had put in endless hours of reconnaissance to find out where Bin Laden was hiding, and if they had a sane idea, all they needed was evidence.

With this in mind, they recruited a Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, to run a door-to-door polio vaccination campaign in Abbottabad, hoping to get close enough to bin Laden to collect a DNA sample.

Of course, it didn’t work out, and when the plan was uncovered, it sparked widespread suspicion about vaccines in the region.

Harry Truman ordered renovations to the White House during his tenure as US President. This meant he had to move briefly to nearby Blair House in 1950.

There, on November 1 of that year, two Puerto Rican Nationalist gunmen tried to shoot themselves in the house to kill him.

Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo planned to attack at the same time as a riot broke out at their home stadium. They managed to break into the house, where they were swarmed by Secret Service security agents.

Where was the President then? A nap after a big lunch.

He briefly opened a window when he heard noises below, but was quickly told to go back inside.

Torresola was killed in the incident while Collazo was sentenced to life imprisonment.

At the height of tensions during the Cold War, a Bulgarian writer named Georgi Markov was waiting for a bus on Waterloo Bridge.

While waiting for the bus to take him to his BBC office, he felt a sharp, stabbing pain in the back of his thigh.

He turned quickly and saw a man hastily picking up an umbrella before bursting into a cab and driving away.

When Georgi got to work, he noticed that a red pimple had formed where he had felt the pain. That evening he developed a fever and was taken to the hospital, where he died four days later.

Opponents of Bulgaria’s then-communist government, officials later determined that Markov had been poisoned with ricin, which appeared to have been injected into his thigh, possibly through the umbrella.

Everyone knows that it was John Hinkley Jr. who tried to take out then-President Ronald Reagan in March 1981.

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