Sunday, August 7, 2022

Watching: Rattlesnake spotted in surf on South Carolina beach

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Michelle Robert said in a Facebook post she was walking along the beach looking for sea glass when her attention was drawn to the snake in the surf.

July 27 (News) — A woman searching for sea glass in South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach State Park ended up capturing video of something far more unusual — a wooden rattlesnake floating in the surf.

“Waves tossed him around and he kept going in,” Robert wrote.

Park officials called Russell Cavendar, Snake Chaser’s owner, to relocate the snake.

Cavendar said the snake was a timber rattlesnake, also known as a canebrake rattlesnake. He said the species is highly toxic.

He said the snake was released in a swampy rural area of ​​Horry County.

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