Saturday, August 6, 2022

WATCH: West Virginia man’s lost ring found after 43 years

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Phillip Schwartz said he was recently giving a metal detector demonstration in the fields across from Ravenswood High School in Jackson County when he came across the gold ring.

Aug 2 (News) — A West Virginia man who lost his class ring just two months after graduating in 1979 was reunited with the precious piece 43 years later.

Schwartz attempted to use a 1979 yearbook to identify the owner of the ring, who bore the initials “MQM,” but he couldn’t find any likely candidates.

He turned to Ravenswood High School for help, and teacher Chase Jarrell identified former student Mark Miller as the most likely owner.

Miller said his photo was not in the yearbook because his mother’s death caused him to miss photo day. He said he lost the ring just two months after graduating.

“It was the first ring I ever found that was made of gold and now I have to give it up! But that’s okay because he’s not good for me in my little ring collection but is so much better for his heart,” Swartz told WOWK-TV.

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