Monday, October 25, 2021

WATCH: Video shows battle ahead of Atlanta Lamborghini’s death

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A woman died after being thrown from a Lamborghini vehicle in Atlanta, Georgia, although it is not yet clear whether she jumped or was knocked out of the luxury car.

A video that you can watch later in this article has emerged that appears to show the struggle before the woman died. It is not clear how much time passed between the fight and the woman’s death. The woman has not been identified. “#EXCLUSIVE video of a fight that resulted in a woman found dead after she was thrown out of a Lamborghini in #Buckhead #Atlanta last night.” ATL Uncensored tweeted with video. However, authorities have not disclosed whether they really believe the woman was “thrown” out of the Lamborghini or whether she jumped or otherwise fell out. They are still investigating why she was thrown out of the car.

The video was posted by the ATL Uncensored Twitter page. The woman’s death is still under investigation and there have been no arrests as of October 12, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

The video shows several people in front of a parked white Lamborghini while an argument breaks out. Two women can be seen in the video. “You can’t lie to me,” one woman yells at one person from the off, while the second woman tries to comfort her. It’s in the Lamborghini. At this point, two men appear. The woman yells at someone outside the camera.

It is not clear what the argument was over.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, police are trying to “determine” whether the woman was kicked or jumped out of the moving car, but they confirmed that she was “ejected.”

She was described, but not named, as a 28-year-old metro Atlanta woman. She “started fighting with a man,” they both got into the Lamborghini, and the argument continued, Fox reported 5. Heavy has contacted Atlanta police for more details.

The Instagram page ATLScoop claimed in a post that “a verbal argument broke out between a woman and a man along Piedmont Road. in front of Red Pepper Taqueria in Buckhead last night around 10:45 p.m. “

“She believed he had stolen her debit card and ID and asked him to return her things. At some point the situation escalated and they were both in the Lamborghini he was driving … Witnesses say it then sped north towards Peachtree. Shortly after he turned right in Peachtree (in front of Havertys Furniture), she was thrown out of the vehicle and he fled. ”The authorities have not confirmed these allegations.

The website added, “Witnesses say that with her – and some attempted CPR – they waited for an ambulance about 20 minutes later. She was taken to Grady, where the doctors unfortunately could not save her life. Detectives say it’s too early to know if the victim was pushed out of the Lamborghini or maybe jumped to escape the fight. Please contact APD if you have any information. Check again for updates. “

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