Monday, September 26, 2022

Watch: Travelers pick up a loose llama walking on a UK motorway

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James Tadman who posted the footage to Twittersaid his girlfriend recorded the video from the passenger seat while he was driving on the A66 near Darlington, County Durham.

20 September (News) — A surprised couple traveling on a UK motorway captured video when they encountered unusual oncoming traffic – a running llama or alpaca.

“It’s not every day you see an alpaca galloping down the A66 near Darlington,” he tweeted.

It was unclear whether the animal in the video was a llama or an alpaca.

“We were driving and the car in front of us slowed down, so we pulled over thinking a police car, ambulance or fire truck was going by and then saw a white horse-like animal running by,” Tadman told the Northern Echo. “Since it was so close, we found out it wasn’t a horse but a llama. It ran down the street, cars slowly following it.”

The origin of the animal was unclear.

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