Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Watch: ‘Signature War’ Between Missouri Companies Goes Viral

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The melee in the marquee began last week when the sign outside the Marshfield McDonald’s was changed to read, “HEY DQ! WANNA HAVE A SIGN WAR?”

July 19 (News) — A “sign war” between a Missouri McDonald’s and a nearby Dairy Queen is going viral, with other neighboring businesses firing their own shots.

The neighboring Dairy Queen soon accepted the challenge with the message: “WE WLD BUT WERE 2 BUSY MAKIN ICECREAM.”

A back-and-forth ensued, with restaurants trading barbs, including a swipe at McDonald’s infamously often-broken ice machines.

“Marshfield is such a tight-knit community, we’re all like family here,” Randy Bryant, McDonald’s local operations manager, told KOLR-TV. “Mario from our team had a great idea to start this all off! He said, ‘It’s hot, the world is challenging and negativity for everyone,’ so we all found a way to laugh and have fun as a community.”

Photos of the war signs were posted to Facebook by the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce, and soon other nearby businesses joined in the argument.

“Ice machine broken? We have a loan for that,” said Arvest Bank’s electronic sign this week.

Wendy’s, a chain famous for its sharp-tongued Twitter account, fired off an opening salvo of its own at McDonald’s: “HOT AND CRISPY FRIES DON’T ARCH.”

Eve Metheny, director of brand marketing at Hamra Enterprises, gave the Marshfield Wendy permission to join the fight.

“People want to laugh and smile at stuff like that, so I think that’s what people are craving right now,” Metheny told the Springfield News leader.

Marshfield Dairy Queen shift supervisor Angela Jones said the war would go on until someone surrendered – and it wouldn’t be her restaurant.

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