Sunday, September 25, 2022

Watch: Kitten rescued from inside wall of Massachusetts home

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The Dedham Police Department said in a Facebook post that animal control officers were responding to a home where a resident heard a kitten cry for “a couple of days” before realizing the sound was coming from a wall.

22 September (News) — Animal control officials in Massachusetts rescued a 5-week-old kitten who had been trapped in a house wall for days.

Officers determined the kitten was “trapped in an opening in the outside wall.”

Officers tried to lure the cat out with food, but the kitten fled back into the wall when people approached it.

Officers were eventually able to block the opening behind the kitten as it came out to eat, allowing them to grab the 5-week-old.

The kitten, now named Rowenna, was taken to the Animal Rescue League for foster care and veterinary care. The cat will eventually be put up for adoption, the post said.

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