Sunday, November 27, 2022

Watch: Iowa police release footage of mountain lions

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The Madison County Sheriff’s Office released video of a mountain lion roaming the woods outside of St. Charles, along with a photo taken by a wildlife camera near New Virginia in Warren County. It is not known if the images show the same animal.

Oct 11 (News) — According to local police, several witnesses have reported mountain lion sightings in Madison County, Iowa.

The video evidence comes after several eyewitnesses reported seeing mountain lions in the area. The sheriff’s office doesn’t believe the mountain lions pose a threat to the public because the sightings occurred outside of populated areas.

Mountain lions have no wildlife protections in Iowa, but the Department of Natural Resources does not encourage people to kill the animals. Instead, citizens are encouraged to report sightings to the ministry and scare the animals away by making loud noises, throwing objects, and slowly retreating.

When attacked citizens are encouraged to use sharp objects to attack the mountain lion’s eyes, although the Department of Natural Resources emphasizes that attacks on humans are very rare.

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