Saturday, August 6, 2022

Watch: Bear trapped in Montana couple’s car for nearly 8 hours

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Mike and Maria Pilati said their car alarm went off when the vehicle was parked outside their Red Lodge home on Wednesday night, and a quick investigation found a mother bear got into the vehicle while her cubs watched closely.

Aug 5 (News) — A Montana couple said they are looking for a new car after a bear got into their vehicle and ended up spending the night when the door closed behind the animal.

“We called the sheriff’s department [and] said, ‘There’s a bear breaking into our car,'” Mike Pilati told KTVQ-TV.

The sheriff’s office put the couple in contact with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks personnel. The couple said they were told someone would be coming to their home in the morning as they hadn’t realized the bear was locked in the vehicle.

“Every now and then you would hear a crunch. I thought it had a garbage can that it was chewing on or something. But it was my car that was crunching,” said Mike Pilati.

Pilati said he only realized in the morning that the door had closed behind the bear, trapping the animal in the vehicle for almost eight hours.

The homeowner said he decided not to wait for FWP officers and used a stick to open the car door from a safe distance and free the mother bear.

Maria Pilati posted photos and videos on Facebook showing the damage left by the bear.

The couple said the car was completely demolished.

“Now we call it Su-Bear-ru,” Maria Pilati said.

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