Monday, October 3, 2022

Watch: Bear found hiding under porch of house in Colorado

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southeast Region said Officer Corey Adler responded to a report of a bear under the porch of a home in the Colorado Springs area.

21 September (News) — A game warden responded to a Colorado home to evict an unwelcome guest — a bear taking shelter under the family’s porch.

Adler used paintballs and a taser to “fog” the bear out and then chased it out of the area.

“The harassment spared him a critical ‘strike’ under CPW policy,” CPW tweeted.

CPW spokesman Bill Vogrin said the “strike” earned the bear an eartag.

“That means if it ever got into trouble again, it would be put down,” Vogrin told KXRM-TV.

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