Sunday, June 26, 2022

Watch: Arkansas water tower leak makes Johnny Cash silhouette look like he’s urinating

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Kingsland Mayor Luke Neal said a bullet struck the city’s water tower last week, right between the legs of a Johnny Cash silhouette painted on the side of the building.

May 17 (News) – Johnny Cash is making headlines again in his hometown of Arkansas after a bullet hole in a “very sensitive area” of the musician’s silhouette atop the local water tower made the man in black look like he was urinating.

“Someone shot our water tower, photographed Johnny Cash’s silhouette in a very sensitive area,” Neal told KLRT-TV. “It’s been leaking for almost a week.”

Neal told KTHV-TV the city is “losing about 30,000 gallons of water a day” at a daily cost of about $200.

The sight of Johnny Cash’s silhouette spraying water on the ground below has drawn tourists to witness the unusual scene.

“Just the placement of where it was, I mean it was — you could tell someone was trying to be funny,” Neal said.

Neal said the water tower previously leaked from a bullet hole in 1993.

He said an investigation into the recent bullet hole has been launched.

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