Sunday, January 16, 2022

Video of it goes viral – woman dates man – suddenly there is a lockdown for days

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A first meeting was involuntarily extended by days due to a lockdown. A woman was invited to dinner with a man and was suddenly not allowed to leave the apartment – with amusing consequences, as shown by recordings of the encounter.

With videos from what she says were an involuntarily extended date, a woman in China has sparked great interest on social media. According to the Chinese newspaper “The Paper” and other media, the woman’s family got her a date with a man who invited her to his home for dinner to meet.

However, a sudden corona lockdown in the city of Zhengzhou ensured that the woman could no longer leave the man’s apartment. She then began posting videos of the longest first date of her life, which were shared millions of times. The woman had been stuck in the apartment for several days since January 9th. It was unclear how long she had to stay there.

The woman published the last video for the time being, which showed both of them having a hot pot meal, on Wednesday. Despite the proximity and a lot of time to talk, it didn’t seem to ignite between the two. Everything is pretty good, but the man is “as dumb as a wooden doll,” the woman described his behavior in her videos. His food is “mediocre”. But it’s great that he cooks for her at all. The man himself did not have a say in the videos.

According to her own statements, the woman had traveled from the city of Guangzhou, around 1,000 kilometers away, back to her hometown of Zhengzhou in order to meet several men at the request of her family. Out of consideration for her date, she has already deleted some of her videos.

China is pursuing a strict zero-corona policy. Whole cities with a population of over a million have been sent into a total lockdown several times because of individual corona cases.

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