Saturday, June 25, 2022

US veteran who fought in Ukraine is abandoned by his wife and vows to sell his home and return to the war

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Former US Army staff sergeant James Vasquez, 47, arrived in Ukraine in early April to fight Putin’s invaders, and after returning to Norwalk, Connecticut, he often spoke of returning

A US Army veteran who flew to Ukraine at the start of Vladimir Putin’s “special operation” to help repel the Russian invasion has announced that he and his wife are separating and returning to the conflict.

Former US Army staff sergeant James Vasquez, 47, arrived in Ukraine in early April to fight Putin’s invaders.

Vasquez was active on Twitter throughout his time in Ukraine, and upon his return he often stated that he felt bad for leaving his unit on the front lines.

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Now Vasquez, who has served on two deployments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, has announced he will be returning to action after a personal loss.

“I know I’ve been silent on the radio for a while, mostly because we’ve had big losses for the past week and I feel helpless when I’m home. My house goes on the market this weekend and as soon as I close I’ll be back in Ukraine the next day.

“My heart aches for the men I lost this week,” he tweeted on June 16.

In late May, he announced that he and his wife were separating.

“My wife and I are separating. I am selling my house and everything I own. I’m returning to Ukraine to fight the rest of the war. After that I will rebuild Ukraine,” he wrote on Twitter.

Vasquez is the father of four adult children with two sons and two stepsons.

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In March, his wife Tina told that she had supported his decision to join the fight from the start.

“It’s in his DNA, and he came up to me, came up to me after work and said, ‘We need to talk, I can’t watch this on TV, I need to help these guys,'” she said.

“Come on, just make sure you come home,” Tina remembers her answer. “That’s what he has to do and I have to support him.”

The couple, who have been married for seven years, live in Norwalk, Connecticut.

“It’s been a struggle for me to worry every day,” she said. “He tries to call me whenever he can, but sometimes he can’t and I worry.”

But she added: “I’m super proud of my husband, he’s my hero and he’s met a lot of great people in Ukraine.”


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