Sunday, June 26, 2022

Urban Explorer films Jeffrey Epstein’s dingy sex palace before its demolition

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By posing as a construction worker, an urban investigator claims he was able to infiltrate convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “mansion of sin” before it was demolished

An urban explorer claims to have infiltrated the Florida mansion of disgraced multimillionaire and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein before it was demolished last year.

In a video posted to his YouTube account, adventurer Richard McGuire showed his followers the desolate Palm Beach mansion that had once been the home of Epstein.

Epstein killed himself in prison in 2019 before being found guilty of sex trafficking underage girls.

In the video, titled INSIDE Jeffrey Epstein’s Abandoned Palm Beach Mansion, McGuire stalks the sprawling mansion’s crumbling halls.

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Presenting his footage, he wrote: “Jeffrey Epstein is one of the most prolific and evil people in the world.

“This billionaire’s mansion sits abandoned in Palm Beach, Florida and is currently being demolished.

“This footage will be one of the last captured of this mansion of sin. I entered this mansion undetected, disguised as a construction worker, and successfully got inside to see what remains of this mansion of terror.”

As the camera pans around the burned-out house, it’s clear that Epstein hasn’t lived there in a while.

Shot in 2021, two years after his suicide, all personal belongings have long since been swept out of the mansion, leaving only pillows and toilet paper.

A large pile of rubble hinting at what the house once was, spilling disgustingly into the large swimming pool that was no doubt the centerpiece of many of the disgraced sex offender parties.

In many of the shots, the extent of the demolition is evident, with drawers ripped out, doors sticking out of the wood, and sockets gutted.

In one of the rooms, a pair of ornate blinds hangs seemingly untouched.

In response to McGuire’s expedition, many of his supporters were grateful that he had shed light on Epstein’s grim circumstances.

One praised him, saying: “Can’t believe you managed to get in. Very valuable recordings.”

Another gushed: “Thanks for showing all this amazing footage, we need more people like this.”

Others said the condition of the home raised more questions than answers.

One said: “You can get rid of the evidence but the crime doesn’t go away… heinous people.”

Another said: “It’s disgusting to think what happened behind those closed doors. Definitely looks like some sort of ‘stopover’.”

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