Monday, November 29, 2021

Unisex Toilet – Fuss in Brazil over McDonalds toilets

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In Brazil there is a discussion on social media about new unisex toilets at McDonalds. The video of a woman makes the rounds of “communism in Bauru”. Now the health department stepped in.

Unisex toilets in a McDonalds fast food restaurant have sparked controversy in Brazil. The authorities of the city of Bauru in the state of São Paolo asked the company to provide gender-segregated sanitary facilities. Previously, a video of an outraged McDonalds customer had received a lot of attention in the online networks.

“I want everyone to see that, that’s absurd!” The woman exclaims in the video. “The boys use the same toilets. Communism in Bauru, what a shame.” Several conservative politicians joined the criticism.

“With regard to the video circulating on the Internet about the toilets of a fast food chain, the sanitary supervisor went to the site and found that the sanitary standards of the community were not being complied with,” said Mayor Suéllen Rosim on Twitter. The company now has 15 days to remedy the situation.

The toilets in the McDonalds branch in question consist of individual toilet cubicles with a shared entrance and wash basin. The company stated that it deliberately relied on these “individual cabins” so that “everyone would feel comfortable using them”. It is in contact with the local authorities.

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