Friday, May 6, 2022

Unequal treatment and dispute over loot According to Ukraine, Russian fighters attacked each other

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In the Cherson region, a unit of Buryats and Chechen fighters are said to have fired on each other. This is what the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense writes on its website.

According to Ukraine, there was a skirmish between two different Russian units in an occupied municipality in the Cherson region. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense published a corresponding report on its website on Saturday.

About 50 Chechen fighters are said to have shot at just as many soldiers from the Buryat ethnic group. The number of injured and dead is unknown. The information cannot be independently verified.

According to Ukraine, the dispute was about, among other things, unequal treatment between the two troops. According to this, the Chechens are apparently only used far behind enemy lines, while the Buryats have to fight at the front line. The Chechens’ task is to persuade the other troops to take “active action,” according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s website.

Another reason for the conflict cited in the report is the distribution of stolen loot, which mostly goes to Chechens.

Russian troops occupied the port city of Cherson and the surrounding area in early March. According to the Ukrainian leadership, the Russian occupying forces want to organize a referendum on the proclamation of a “People’s Republic of Cherson” in the near future, based on the example of the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. With this, Moscow wants to permanently consolidate its territorial conquests in the south of Ukraine.

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