Sunday, June 26, 2022

Ukrainian Sniper Dressed As Predator Says ‘Heart Broken As Glass’ Over Russia War

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A Ukrainian sniper wearing a Predator cosplay and ghillie suit said his “heart was broken” at the war, with the comrade in camouflage seen clutching an energy drink and a knife

A Ukrainian sniper pursuing Russians across the battlefield in a ghillie suit and Predator mask said his “heart was broken” by the war in Ukraine.

Footage shows the Ukrainian soldier slumped to the ground, holding an energy drink while clad in camouflage gear and matching green gloves.

The soldier is also seen wearing a mask from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action film Predator, along with his army uniform.

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A video of the soldier speaking about the heartbreaking situation in Ukraine has since gone viral, and the soldier in the Predator mask speaks about how his “heart is broken” by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The soldier, dubbed Casper in the video, is asked by the cameraman to “say something into the camera,” after which he looks up and spurns an odd, short speech.

Casper, who fiddles with a can throughout the video, says, “My heart is broken like glass and there’s no point in moving on.”

The predator-clad Casper then unmasks himself while gulping down what is believed to be an energy drink, and jokes, “I took you to a dance and you said $2,000 an hour,” before giving a brief salute with the handle of his knife throws.

The video titled “Ukrainian sniper and his real thoughts…” took YouTube by storm and hundreds of commenters left their answers to the cosplay comrade.

One wrote: “Predators (Ukrainian freedom fighter) vs aliens (Russian orcs). Predators win over aliens in all the movies because the Ukrainian fighter has more brains in his head.”

Another commented: “Legend has it that he’s still snooping around the fields of Ukraine looking for that dance partner.”

A third commenter said they hoped the Predator headgear would be “the last thing many Russian soldiers ever see.”

More than 7.7 million people have fled Ukraine since Vladimir Putin’s Russian troops invaded on February 24, LADBible reported.

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