Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Two men were “brutally beaten with sticks” and killed by a 20-strong mob after killing a cow

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Politicians have called for action after a mob of 20 men brutally attacked and killed two other people with sticks inside their home after accusing them of slaughtering a cow

Two men were brutally beaten to death by a group of 20 others after allegedly killing a cow.

The incident took place in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh, India and saw the attackers injuring a third man.

Police said the 20-strong gang visited Sampat Batti and Dhansa, who belonged to a local tribe, and accused them of slaughtering the animal.

The beatings then took place and the two men died on the way to the hospital, according to NDTV.

At a protest following the brutal attack, Congressman Arjun Singh Kakodia sat on the nearby Jabalpur-Nagpur Highway demanding action against the mob.

Police visited the home of the murdered men during their investigation and eventually charged 20 people, six with murder.

A large quantity of meat was found in the victims’ house.

Additional Superintendent of Police SK Maravi said: “Two tribesmen have died. It was alleged that a group of 15 to 20 people went to the victims’ home, accused them of killing a cow and attacked them.

“The two men died while being taken to hospital and another received minor injuries.

“A murder case has been registered … police teams are looking for the accused. Some of the defendants are named (in the complaint) and others are unidentified. We took two or three suspects into custody.

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“About 12 kg of meat was found in the victims’ house.”

Brajesh Batti, the third man injured in the attack, described how the mob beat Sampat Batti and Dhansa with sticks.

Madhya Pradesh is the Indian state with the most crimes against tribesmen, according to Congress leader Kamal Nath, and now politicians are calling for action.

Nath said: “I am calling on the government to take strict action against those at fault by announcing a high-level investigation into this incident.

“The families of the victims should be given every possible assistance and arrangement for the treatment of the injured at the expense of the government.”

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