Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trade is globalizing – former Chancellor Schröder gives the reason for rising gas prices

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Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder made a statement on gas prices. He assesses the situation in Germany globally and sees strong connections to China.

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder sees the main cause of the sharp rise in gas prices in the growing demand from China. The current situation makes it clear that gas trading is becoming more and more globalized, writes Schröder in a guest article for the “Handelsblatt” on Tuesday. “Europe is in fierce competition here with other regions of the world whose hunger for energy is unsatisfied.”

He assumes that the situation on the gas market “will gradually recover”. The former Chancellor considers the criticism of Russia in connection with the tense situation on the global gas markets to be unjustified. Russia is “falling out as an enemy for a cold gas war,” writes the former chancellor.

He is chairman of the board of directors of the gas pipeline companies Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 and of the Russian oil company Rosneft. He maintains close personal contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The former chancellor promoted natural gas as an energy source: “Even if we want to achieve our ambitious climate protection goals, we need natural gas as the fossil energy source that is best on the climate for the transition period – which will probably last three decades,” he wrote.

The controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, like any other additional pipeline, is good for the European market: “The more sources and delivery routes we have, the better it is for the European Union, but above all for the end customer. the lower the prices. “

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