Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tourists were stunned as a 7ft shark filmed swimming meters off Ibiza’s popular beach

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The blue shark appeared to be stranded in the shallow waters of a cove when swimmers found it on the rocks. Experts have been sent to the area to inspect and rescue the apex predator

A disturbing video has surfaced showing a two meter long shark lurking in the shallow waters off the coast of Ibiza.

Sunbathers and vacationers were startled when they saw the creature swimming by the rocks in Calo des Moro, a bay in the urban area of ​​the party town of San Antonio, on Monday morning (May 16).

In the video, the shark, believed to be a tintorera or blue shark, appears disoriented and remains standing in the water.

The environmental officers of the municipal council drove to the area.

Ibiza-based expat businessman Martin Makepeace, one of those who posted snaps of it, wrote on Twitter: “A small shark just got stranded in shallow waters in Calo des Moro, Ibiza.”

In a subsequent tweet, he added: “Sad to see. Six-foot shark stranded in San Antonio waters.”

Earlier this month, lifeguards issued an urgent warning to swimmers to get out of the water after a shark circled a beach in Mallorca.

They were ordered out of the sea after their fins were seen breaking the surface of the water on the beach at Cala Mondrago in the southeast of the island.

It was also described as a blue shark at the time.

The same species of shark was blamed for an attack on a vacationer in Elche, near Alicante, in July 2016.

The 40-year-old victim was taken to hospital and a wound on his hand was stitched up.

First responders described the bite as “big” and said it came out of the sea with blood from the injury.

In August 2018, tourists fled the sea in panic after a blue shark, one of the most common in Spain, appeared off the crowded Mallorcan beach of Calas de Mallorca on the island’s east coast.

Calo des Moro is accessed via a pedestrian promenade that runs along the coast, past the bustling area of ​​shops and bars in San Antonio, where crowds gather to enjoy the sunset.

Its clear water makes it an ideal place for swimming without having to leave the city center.

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