Monday, November 29, 2021

Tory MPs are urged to vote to ban second jobs

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Conservative MPs are urged to vote in favor of banning second jobs on Wednesday as Labor pressures Boris Johnson to respond to filth.

Keir Starmer announced that his party would stage the showdown – and advocate that all outside work be banned, with the exception of work in the NHS or other public services.

The vote would be “a measure of where people are now, how we are moving things forward,” said the Labor leader, but not retrospectively.

The prime minister has refused to say where he stands on second jobs, despite mounting public anger over MPs’ extra-parliamentary work and a Tory slump in polls.

Oliver Dowden, the leader of the party, has again denied a watchdog’s demand that it be deprived of its authority to determine whether ministers are being investigated for filth.

on LBC radioSaid Sir Keir, “We will put a vote in Parliament on Wednesday asking MEPs to vote to get rid of paid directorships and paid advisory posts – to change the rules in Parliament.

Labor will also demand that the government publish all minutes of the government-Randox meetings that ex-minister Owen Paterson advised.

During the call, the Labor leader also said:

* Cited allegations that he violated Commons rules by using his office to make Zoom calls with the public “utter nonsense” – and said, “This is exactly what the opposition leader should be doing.”

* suggested that he viewed the outcome of the Cop26 climate summit as a failure – and said: “It did not achieve what we wanted to achieve.”

* The key to curbing migrants crossing the English Channel is managing refugee crises because “if you don’t tackle the problems upstream, you will never get it completely under control”.

* Criticized the Insulate Britain group’s tactics of blocking major roads as “totally wrong and counterproductive”.

* The expelled former Labor MP Claudia Webbe should resign from parliament after being convicted of harassment – and that he would support a dismissal petition if she refused.

Regarding second jobs, Sir Keir referred to Labor MP Rosena Allin-Khan, who works as a hospital doctor on shifts, and MPs who serve as army or police reservists, arguing that this should be allowed.

But there is a “strong case” for all other part-time jobs – and there is no doubt that paid advisory and board memberships should be banned.

In a statement, he called on the Conservatives to “do the right thing and vote for the publication of the Randox Papers, to end shady lobbying and to show that standards in public life are still important”.

“It was the Prime Minister’s decisions that led to this scandal, he has repeatedly failed his leadership on this issue, and Boris Johnson now has a choice.

“Support Labour’s plan to fix this, or whip its MPs to vote against a ban on dodgy second jobs for MPs and a cover-up of the Owen Paterson scandal.”

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