Sunday, October 17, 2021

“Tortured” villagers plagued by a mysterious buzz that lasts for months

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Lack of sleep, headaches and “pressure on the forehead” are just a few of the side effects reported by residents of Holmfield, Halifax, who say they are from a low hum from an unknown source in their village.

Locals believe the disturbing low-frequency noise comes from nearby industrial plants and has been going on for months. But after investigation, the Calderdale Council was less likely to draw conclusions.

Officials said their investigation identified “many potential sources”.

Villagers have started a petition calling for further investigation amid concerns that the council has abandoned the search for the source of the mysterious sound.

Holmfield residents say the noise, nicknamed the “Holmfield Hum”, is damaging to their health.

“It causes problems in people like lack of sleep, headaches and pressure on the forehead, foggy brain, sore ears, stress and anxiety, which has resulted in my developing shingles,” Yvonne Conner, who started the petition, said the BBC local democracy reporting service.

“The residents have not been able to relax in their own home for almost a year. The noise is uninterrupted day and night. “

Scott Patient, a councilor for Calderdale Council, insisted in a recent cabinet meeting that an investigation was ongoing.

He said the council has disregarded some sources of noise and is working with local authorities to solve the puzzle.

The “Stop the Holmfield Hum” petition has so far collected more than 450 signatures. It was set up about eight months ago, but Ms. Conner says the noise started almost two years ago.

“The councils must take low-frequency noise measurements inside and outside the [industrial] Detect buildings and the source by triangulating with a microphone array, which would actually locate the exact source of the noise, ”Ms. Conner wrote in the petition.

She added: “Then hopefully the problems can be resolved and residents, including me, will not be tortured or feel that their only solution is to move every day.

“This problem needs to be addressed so that people can lead peaceful lives in their own homes again.”

“I can hear the noise from my house and it was going on for too long,” said another resident.

“I am signing on behalf of my mother, who lives in the area and is affected by it,” wrote another woman.

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