Sunday, November 27, 2022

Tories fear mass exodus of MPs as Dehenna Davison becomes latest young star to quit

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Tory MPs fear more colleagues will opt to leave Parliament altogether rather than campaign for their seats in a lost cause

The government is poised for an exodus of MPs before the next election as the party continues to lag in the polls and faces economic pressures.

Rising star Dehenna Davison, the 29-year-old Bishop Auckland MP and Leveling Up Minister, announced on Friday that she will not stand for re-election.

Other relatively young Conservatives, including Chloe Smith and William Wragg, have already announced they will step down before the next general election, which is due by January 2025.

Party leaders are set for more such announcements before December 5, when incumbent MPs will have to say whether or not they are currently seeking another term.

A minister predicted that other MPs from the so-called ‘red wall’, who only entered Parliament in 2019, would follow Ms Davison when she exited. said I: “I think there will be a few more.”

A 2019 MP added: “I think quite a number of 2010s and 2019s will step down.” And another said: “It’s a deeply personal and difficult decision, I suspect we’ll see a lot of people in to retire. A limited number from 2019.”

If the current election polls are confirmed, all Red Wall MPs are at serious risk of losing seats won under Boris Johnson, when large numbers of traditional Labor voters turned away from the party over their support for Brexit and dislike against Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Davison said in a statement: “Throughout my adult life I have devoted most of my time to politics and helping to make people’s lives better. But, to be honest, it meant I didn’t have a normal life for a twenty-something.

“I will always be humbled to have had the opportunity to serve as an MP. But now it seems time for me to dedicate myself more to life outside of politics – mainly to my family and their support as they have supported me. That is why I will not stand as a candidate in the next federal election.”

Some party officials are said to be unhappy with her decision and suspect she could seek a safer seat elsewhere in the country rather than risk losing Bishop Auckland.

Gary Streeter, the veteran MP for South West Devon, is also resigning after three decades in Parliament. He said: “It has been my honor and privilege to represent this constituency for over 30 years, but the time has come for me to step back and let a younger person take over.”

MPs expect some colleagues, who have not yet decided whether or not to seek re-election, to first tell the party that they intend to stay in order to be allocated a seat within the new constituency boundaries, which are currently being finalised. and then make their final decision closer to the election.

Alongside those who choose to leave Parliament, at least four incumbent Tory MPs will be included in the House of Lords in Boris Johnson’s final honors list, which will be published soon.

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