Sunday, June 26, 2022

Topless breastfeeding mom in boxers grabs bald eagle to save pet goose

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The mother-of-three jumped into action when she saw a bald eagle swoop in and attack her pet goose, Frankie, right on her doorstep – but still managed to feed her daughter consistently

A brave mother has been hailed as a heroine after video showed her storming out of the house to save her goose while breastfeeding her daughter.

Cait Oakley, of North Sannich in Canada, has gone viral for her daring rescue after witnessing a bald eagle attack her pet goose, Frankie.

The violent showdown was captured by motion-sensing security camera just outside their home, as the mother of three ran out of the house while rocking their then four-month-old baby.

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She repeatedly yells “Hey” as the winged creature swoops in, grabbing the desperate goose by the neck and dragging it across the sidewalk.

At that moment, Cait, wearing only her husband’s boxer shorts, quickly runs away and scares the eagle off her property.

“Drop it, let go! Give me back my goose!” She says no to the apex predator.

She later shared the clip on TikTok, explaining, “We’ve lost three chickens in the last week because I’ve been told they were eagles which I thought hawks were chasing, but watch Frankie (our female goose) is taken.

“Mama Bear breastfeeds while breastfeeding and protects her sweet Frankie.”

Hailed as a “hero mom” for multitasking and keeping her pet safe, Cait viewers couldn’t resist sharing her hilarious take on her action.

“Mom is on another level, I speak for everyone: you’re going mom,” said one, and a second wrote, “Your kids have probably thought of ‘meals on wheels’.”

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“This was 100% the craziest, most amazing, most award-winning feature I’ve ever seen, bravo ma’am!” another added.

Cait later posted a video of her pet goose and said she had “no injuries at all, not even missing feathers”.

Others suggested Cait would take her pets to an indoor farm or get some dogs to act as guards.


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