Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tommy Robinson banned stalking after showing up at the reporter’s house

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Tommy Robinson was banned from stalking for five years after showing up late at night “screaming and excited” at a journalist’s house to stop an article from being published.

The founder of the English Defense League “crossed the line between mere harassment and acts of stalking” by threatening to repeatedly Independent Journalist Lizzie Dearden’s address was heard by Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Deputy Chief Justice Tan Ikram said he did not see Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, as a “credible witness” and was “still a risk to the applicant’s physical and psychological well-being”.

Robinson, wearing a dark corduroy jacket, T-shirt and jeans, stood in court on Wednesday but left the room during the hearing and did not return.

The court heard him in the apartment of. showed up The independent one‘s home and security correspondent on Jan. 17 at around 10 p.m. – two days after emailing his attorneys soliciting comment on an article about allegations that he misappropriated donations from his supporters. He had received personal information about her after hiring a private investigator.

A previous hearing had heard Robinson telling journalist and partner Samuel Partridge to “come down and talk.” He tried to break into the building but they refused to let him in and he was turned away by a security guard.

Mr Ikram told the court that Ms. Dearden was insulted on various social media platforms in January 2018 after she was posted by the defendant, who also made “unfounded allegations” about her partner.

He said the journalist “simply reported the words of a judge / trial” and that he was “certain that the defendant is aware of the power of his words”.

Denying Robinson’s explanation that he went to Ms. Dearden’s house to film his response to the article, the judge said, “His intimidating behavior late at night and his screaming, yelling and cursing outside of the address undermines that suggestion . “

He added: “I did not find the defendant to be a credible witness. He says he’s calm. The independent witnesses who were not asked about their testimony all say something different. “

Mr Ikram issued a five-year stalking protection warrant prohibiting Robinson from contacting Ms. Dearden and Mr Partridge, directly or indirectly, or visiting any place where they live or work. However, the defendant will be allowed to make “legitimate comments” on any future articles.

In delivering the verdict, the Assistant Chief Justice said, “I am aware of the narrow wording of the order, which does not prevent Mr. Lennon from making legitimate comments on articles.

“I also keep an eye on the risk – not only do I have to say about him, but as I said in my judgment, he knows the power of his words in relation to his followers.

“So I am pleased that it is both necessary and proportionate to do it for this period.”

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