Monday, October 25, 2021

Tiny dog ​​weighing 1kg braves all odds and survives a massive tornado that destroyed its home

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After being believed dead by their desperate owners, a miniature Pomeranian named Pom-Pom made “Escape of the Year” after making it out of a giant twister with just a few injuries

A brave dog miraculously escaped after getting out of a tornado alive.

Pom Pom, a miniature Pomeranian who lives in New South Wales Central West, Australia with owners Scott and Anne Beecroft, was believed to be dead after a twister suddenly ripped through their home.

But when they later heard barking from outside the property, the Beecrofts were stunned to find them still alive in the garden.

The tiny bitch, who weighs about a kilogram, lost her tooth and dislocated in the weather accident. The storm destroyed nearby homes, leaving others without their roofs.

After spending two weeks in a veterinary clinic, she is said to have been shocked by the incident, but is said to be slowly returning to her old life.

With most of the house destroyed, her favorite ceiling is still 30 meters high on a pine tree.

Her owners could not believe that she had survived the destruction wrought by the disaster.

Speaking of his astonishment at the escape from Pom Pom, Mr Beecroft said, “We thought she was definitely gone, especially when you have fifteen-ton trees that are picked up and dumped like rag dolls.”

The man, world record holder in coal shoveling, was injured in the tornado even under dramatic circumstances.

Can you believe pom pom survived? Let us know about the strangest things you saw in a natural disaster in the comments below!

When the storm hit the house, Mr. Beecroft’s arm was pulled out of the kitchen window, making him hold on desperately to survive.

He pointed to the place of the hand-to-hand combat and said, “I had to hold on to the bench right here, hang one arm on the bench, then my feet fly up, the foot was right here in the bench.”

Construction materials from the 100-year-old Beecroft home were found 20 kilometers (12.42 miles) away – which shows how lucky this little dog was to bark on another day.

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