Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Wels volleyball pro spends £ 590,000 thinking he’s dating a beautiful Brazilian model

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Roberto Cazzaniga spent years sending money to a woman thinking it was Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio. He actually spoke to a 50-year-old on the phone

A professional volleyball player was tricked into believing he was dating a famous Brazilian model and was cheated of $ 700,000 (£ 590,000) in the process.

Roberto Cazzaniga, 42, plays volleyball in the Italian second division and until recently thought he was dating model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Alessandra is actually dating fellow model Robert Lee, with whom she is currently vacationing in Hawaii, according to her social media posts from this week.

According to Roberto, in 2008 a friend gave him a phone number that supposedly belonged to a woman named Maya who was trying to meet him.

Soon in their phone calls, Maya – who was actually a 50-year-old woman – claimed that the name was a pseudonym and that she was, in fact, Alessandra.

Speaking to Italian media this week, Roberto revealed how he had sent the catfish $ 700,000 over several years. He also turned to friends and relatives to find the money.

According to these reports, those behind the scam started asking Roberto for money, claiming they had problems with an ATM and problems related to an inheritance fee.

They also claimed that their busy schedule and heart disease made it impossible to meet him.

Roberto said to the Italian outlet Corriere della Sera: “No, we have never met.

“She made a thousand excuses, like illness and work. And yet I fell in love with that voice, one call after the other. Almost every day there were only contacts via cell phone. “

It has now been revealed that three people were behind the elaborate scheme to cheat the athlete – the friend named Manuela who gave him the phone number, her boyfriend and a 50-year-old woman from Sardinia named Valeria who pretended to be Alessandra’s phone .

Corriere della Sera also reported that Roberto’s teammates described him as introverted and naive and that they suspected the fraud and requested an investigation.

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