Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The suspect in the mosque attack told the mother that he had “done something stupid,” the court heard

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A man on trial for terrorism crimes told his mother that he “did something stupid” by pretending to set fire to a mosque, a court heard.

Sam Imrie has been charged with posting statements on the Telegram social media platform suggesting that he would carry out an attack on the Fife Islamic Center in Glenrothes.

The 24-year-old is also accused of streaming live recordings of “an incident”.

The defendant’s mother, Joyce Imrie, said at the testimony on Monday that when she passed her son on the stairs in the family home, he said to her, “Mom, I did something really stupid, I pretended to be like setting fire to a mosque. “

When asked about her son’s behavior when he told her this, she replied: “Terror, despair. Despair is the best word I can use. I think he was probably terrified of himself. “

The court heard Ms. Imrie described her son as a “loner” and a “hermit”.

In her testimony to the police the day after her son was arrested, Ms. Imrie said, “I would describe him as a loner who very rarely leaves his room. He has no friends, no visitors in the house, no girlfriend I know of. “

She said she did not remember making the testimony but agreed to tell the police the truth.

The court found that the defendant had withdrawn after suffering serious assault at the age of 14.

Ms. Imrie said he left school, shut himself off from friends and started drinking.

Posts on Imrie’s Facebook page by Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump were shown to the court.

Ms. Imrie said she didn’t know her son used the Telegram messaging app to speak to neo-Nazis in the United States.

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