Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The provocative statue of “Putin” was removed from Kyiv, but not before the images were circulated around the world

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A provocative towering sculpture in the heart of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, resembling Putin with a gun in his mouth, was removed within eight hours of rising.

A provocative towering sculpture in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, which bore an uncanny resemblance to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a gun in his mouth, was removed within eight hours of its erection.

Dubbed Shoot Yourself, the steel structure was erected without a permit in a very prominent location – where a Soviet-era statue of Lenin once stood.

Despite its removal eight hours later, images of the sculpture had been shared on social media around the world.

A viewer who reacted to the image said: “I heard you have to visualize your wish for it to come true.”

Another added: “Just do it.”

More than 20 feet tall, the steelworks shows a hand on the gun pointing into the mouth hovering above, photos obtained by Agence France-Presse show.

“Putler, did you get the clue?” reads the inscription, using a portmanteau comparing Putin to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Sculptor Dmitry Iv paid tribute to the work, which remained at the key site in Kyiv before being removed, according to CTV News on Saturday.

His sculptures have been shown internationally and he usually works with soft materials, but he said this time he chose rusty steel for its impact.

“War is hard,” he said, “Steel is hard. There should be no beauty in that.”

“Originally, I had the idea to create something that would motivate our soldiers to keep killing Russians,”

“The sculpture speaks for itself,” he said of the piece, which took about a month to create.

“Putin is a war criminal and war criminals can do two things. You can either go to jail or shoot yourself.”

While he didn’t discuss why it was removed, Iv said it’s being stored in a warehouse in Kyiv, ready to appear in a new location, maybe another city.

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