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The pilot’s chilling last words: “We’re going to crash” as the flight kills all 228 on board

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A co-pilot yelled “We’re going to crash” as the cockpit rang an alarm warning the crew they were about to crash after a series of technical glitches and errors

A pilot’s chilling last words were recorded as his passenger plane crashed into the Atlantic, killing all 228 people on board.

The doomed Air France Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on June 1, 2009 crashed into the sea four hours after takeoff while the captain was surrendering the controls during a storm.

Five Britons were among the dead.

It took two years for the plane wreckage and black box to be found complete at the bottom of the ocean about 620 miles off the northeast coast of Brazil.

In what remains Air France’s deadliest disaster, France’s Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Bureau (BEA) concluded that ice crystals caused the autopilot to shut down.

Then the crew’s reactions to the error caused the aircraft to go into an aerodynamic stall.

The tragedy of 228 fatalities was a combination of technical failure and the pilots’ inability to react to the plane stalling, causing it to plunge into the Atlantic at a terrifying speed of 11,000 feet (3,352 m) per minute.

The pilots were confused by an error in the airspeed readings, but then made the crucial mistake of pointing the plane’s nose up instead of down.

Investigators recovered a recording from the cockpit in which first officer co-pilot Pierre-Cédric Bonin, 32, could be heard cursing before admitting, “I have no control of the plane now,” and two seconds later: “I prefer not to have any control of the plane at all!”

David Robert, 37, the flight’s assistant officer, co-pilot, replied: “Controls to the left” before taking control of the plane and pushing his sidestick forward to drop the nose and recover from the stall.

However, Bonin still pulled his sidestick back, which meant the inputs canceled each other out and triggered an audible “Dual Input” alert.

The captain, 58-year-old Marc Dubois, re-entered the cockpit after being summoned by Robert. As various alarms went off, he asked the couple, “Uh, what are you (doing) doing?”

Robert told Captain Dubois: “We lost control of the plane, we don’t understand anything, we tried everything.”

Robert is heard saying to himself, “climb, climb, climb, climb.”

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Bonin replied, “But I’ve been at max nose for a while!”

Dubois, embarrassed, realized that Bonin had caused the stall and yelled, “No, no, no, don’t climb! No no no!”

Bonin temporarily surrendered controls to Robert, but the plane was too low to recover from the stall and a ground proximity warning system sounded the alarm of their impending crash into the ocean.

Bonin responded by pulling his sidestick all the way back, and swore before yelling, “We’re going to crash! This can’t be true. But what’s going on?”

When last recorded on the CVR, Dubois said, “(ten) Degrees Pitch Attitude.”

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