Sunday, October 17, 2021

The nurse’s head is split open and left with 16 stitches after a vicious drug attack

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Bec Davis was about to finish her shift at a Sydney hospital when patient Ben Solomons attacked a security guard before attacking the nurse, seriously injuring her

A nurse’s head was cut open after she was attacked by a patient in the hospital during a drug-fueled rampage.

Bec Davis was almost ready to finish her night shift at Westmead Hospital in Sydney last September when Jack Solomons jumped on a security guard’s back before attacking the nurse.

The incident happened when Solomons, 26, was given the last remaining bed after being admitted to the emergency room around 5 a.m.

Solomons was reportedly in bed when he suddenly ran right up to the guard and started beating him.

Ms. David told 9 News that the security guard tried to escape Solomons, which resulted in them both walking through the entire emergency room.

He gave up the chase and turned his attention to Ms. Davis.

The nurse said she tried to run but Solomons put his hands around her neck.

Solomons then put all his body weight on her, causing the nurse to fall into the doorway.

Hospital staff said Solomons did not appear to be aggressive when he entered the hospital so no alarm was raised.

Ms. Davis sustained a serious head injury after her scalp was split up to the skull.

The emergency nurse required 16 stitches on the head after Solomons attacked.

Speaking to 9 News last year, Ms. Davis told the broadcaster that attacks that happened to her were common and that her colleagues were subject to physical and verbal abuse.

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She said: “In our department there is verbal aggression almost every day.

“We have had numerous spitting opportunities and we have had numerous doctors who have been physically attacked.”

Solomons escaped prison but was sentenced to two years and six months’ imprisonment, served under community custody.

He was also ordered to complete a drug rehabilitation program and seek treatment for his mental health.

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