Sunday, June 26, 2022

The model’s abandoned lover stabbed her after she blocked him on social media

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Nira Ashraf had endured a long campaign of harassment from her former boyfriend before he decided to ambush her in front of her university and repeatedly attacked her with a knife

A promising young student was stabbed to death outside her university in broad daylight, allegedly by an ex-boyfriend after she blocked him on social media.

The victim, Nira Ashraf, was allegedly attacked on the morning of June 20 by Mohamed Adel, a fellow student at Egypt’s Mansoura University.

She was taken to the hospital in critical condition but is believed to have died while still in the ambulance.

There are conflicting accounts of what happened next, starting with the attacker, who then fled and was restrained, and the man who tried to kill himself with the same knife.

After his arrest, Adel reportedly said he planned to kill Ashraf over “sentimental differences”, referring to her refusal of his offer of marriage and the fact that she blocked him on social media.

Prosecutors detailed how the abandoned lover molested his victim for an extended period of time before launching his plan.

Several people, including the victim’s father, reported that Ashraf had already filed a complaint and feared being attacked by the accused.

According to a report on, the former couple had been separated for around 18 months at the time, during which time Adel claimed to have become depressed and “can’t see his life without her”.

He then allegedly took a knife from his home in Mahalla al-Kubra and waited for her near the university gate before class.

As soon as she got off the bus, he attacked her in front of a crowd of about 40 witnesses, including campus guard Ibrahim Al-Ajroui, who charged him and turned his gun over to the police.

Prosecutors in the case said Adel “had known the student for a while and a romantic relationship had developed between them.

“But she started working as a model and has built up a large following on social media,” before blocking him.

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Adel is currently being held by police while the incident has sparked online uproar across the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Among those speaking out about the killing is Nehad Abo El Komsan, a human rights lawyer specializing in gender-based violence cases.

In a video on Instagram, she said, “As long as we don’t take young women’s grievances seriously and as long as we say those fighting for women’s rights are ‘encouraging girls and making trouble,’ that will remain the outcome.”

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