Saturday, January 22, 2022

The heartless judge slams the 72-year-old cancer patient for saying he ‘should be ashamed’ of a messy garden.

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Burhan Chowdhury told a judge he was “too weak” from cancer treatment to keep his Detroit yard clean, but an irate judge told him he “should be ashamed” of the state of his lawn

A heartless judge has fined a 72-year-old cancer patient $100 (£73) for his messy garden and told him to be “ashamed”.

Circuit Judge Alexis G. Krot showed the 31st Circuit Court a photograph of Burhan Chowdhury’s overgrown garden and said, “This is shameful.

“Shameful. The neighbors shouldn’t have to see that.”

She fined the man for failing to keep his “fence path, sidewalk or alley free of weeds or other disturbing plants” and scolded him, “You need to clean that up.” This is totally inappropriate.”

“If I could give you a prison sentence for that, I would,” she added.

Mr. Chowdhury, from Hamtramck near Detroit, was diagnosed with lymph node cancer in 2019.

In court, he told the judge he was ‘very ill’

His son Shibbir Chowdhury told The Washington Post that he usually tends to his father’s garden, but he was on an extended trip to Bangladesh this year.

“There [were] really bugs, I should have taken care of that. But, yeah, still, like she should have said my father more politely,’ he said.

During his absence, weeds grew around his parents’ house, he explained. After Shibbir returned to the US, his father informed him that they had received a ticket for harmful weeds and plants.

He told reporters that he was shocked by the judge’s harsh reaction.

“She told my father, who was sick, that he should go to prison. That’s ridiculous,” Shibbir said.

“You can’t give a 72-year-old a prison sentence for not cleaning an alley.”

“I was really shocked by that,” Shabbir said.

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“I didn’t expect her to yell at us in a situation like this.”

He added that he plans to pay his father’s fine and has already had a lot of support from locals and people on Facebook.

“People understand that a situation like this can happen with someone who is old or sick,” he said.

Judge Krot has declined to comment on the case because US judges are not authorized to comment to the press.

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