Friday, May 6, 2022

The brutal torture methods of the IS with severed heads, breast clamps and the magic carpet

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WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT: Prisoners of the so-called Islamic State are often subjected to horrific torture techniques, including being doused with petrol and being forced to share a cage with severed heads

The ISIS-controlled areas of the Middle East are among the most dangerous places in the world, as militants use torture techniques so cruel they are hard to believe.

Abiding by strict Sharia law, people living under the so-called Islamic State can be jailed for the petty crimes, and conditions inside are predictably barbaric.

Life in an ISIS prison cell is anything but comfortable, with punishments ranging from whips, staples, stretching and even decapitation.

A horrifying 2017 report by the International Center on Violent Extremism detailed some of the group’s inhumane practices for the first time.

The list of punishments and interrogation techniques was as exhaustive as it was inhuman.

The report identified seven layers of corporal punishment that ISIS prisoners endured during their time behind bars.

This included several stereotypical forms of (brutal) torture such as flogging and electrocution.

However, the group also specialized in forms of psychological and endurance torture, with practices such as the magic carpet, the fuel and the walker, Newsweek reports.

When a prisoner was tortured with the fuel, he was usually doused with gasoline and tied to a chair.

They would then be asked to answer questions under threat of being set on fire.

A treatment survivor described his ordeal in the report.

He said, “He brought a gallon jar and poured oil on me from the chest down. He said confess or I will burn you.

“I thought he was trying to scare me. I didn’t know he would do it. The next thing I remember, I woke up in a hospital.”

On the magic carpet, the prisoners found themselves with their legs tied behind their bodies and their arms on two hinged boards, causing excruciating pain in their spines. They would lie like that for hours.

On women, the sickly torturers used a technique called the biter, which involved attaching large, bear-like pincers to the breasts for maximum damage.

When none of these methods were successful, some evil torturers even went so far as to lock prisoners with severed heads in tiny cages.

In one shocking incident, a woman was locked in a cage with the severed body part she soon realized belonged to her own brother.

A woman present at the time told the report’s creators how the tragic story had unfolded.

She said, “The prisoner woke up and slid into the far corner of the small cage, as far from her head as she could. She continued to look around, breathing heavily… She turned it toward her so she could see the face.

“When she saw the face, she started crying. She cried so loud and for too long.

“They came the next day and took the head away.

“One of the Hisbah women told us that the head belongs to the woman’s infidel brother. The woman did not eat or speak a word for two days afterwards.”

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