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The Amazon is “close to a point of no return” – a reality that affects us all


And then you hit the areas that are most under attack. Where economic gains are made from environmental losses.

The money will be made, the money will be spent and the financial exodus will continue. This does not apply to the forest.

Some parts will recover, some won’t, and environmentalists believe we’re nearing a point of no return.

Latest Page News’ Emma Murphy reports from the Amazon, where remote tribal communities face a toxic threat

One of the most shocking things I heard on our trip was that at a certain point the forest is so badly damaged that it turns over and starts degrading itself.

There is no turning back from this. WWF believes that without immediate action to protect the Amazon, particularly in Brazil, within eight years it will not be a functioning forest as we know it.

It will no longer be able to be a global protector against carbon dioxide. It will lose even more of its plant life, flora, fauna, animals and insects.

Their biodiversity is lost. This will have repercussions near and far forever.

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